Running Changed Tests tags: minitest rspec testing git 2013-06-13

Using small feature branches is the best way to go for local development with git. This makes it very easy to keep distinct features separate and merge them back to master when the feature is completed. It would be nice if we could easily run only the new/changed tests from our feature branch. How can we leverage the awesomeness of git to run only the tests that have changed from one branch to another?

Running a Minitest Suite tags: minitest testing ruby 2013-05-10

I have enjoyed using Minitest on a new project, but have been struggling with how I should be kicking off my test suite. This is a pretty simple thing in rspec, but wasn't obvious with Minitest. I have explored a few different methods and figured that I might as well document them.

Using drip with JRuby tags: jruby ruby 2013-01-21

Drip is an awesome command line tool that can be used to dramatically lower perceived JVM startup time. It does this by preloading an entirely new JVM process\instance and allowing you to simply use the preloaded environment. This has extraordinary results with jruby.